Friday, September 10, 2010

We're off!

I only have a few minutes to catch up on this blog thing, but wanted to give a quick update about my time here in L.A. What an amazing group of people I am lucky enough to be setting out on this assignment with. I have only touched on getting to know them, but everyone is so great, with amazing stories and experiences. The best part about today has been all the unconditional support that comes along with being in the same boat (canoe?) together. Everyone has the same anxieties and can completely sympathize with all the thoughts racing through my head.

I have been inundated with new information and I have to admit I probably forgot it all again. Our next step is to get on the plane to New Zealand, arriving after a 13 hour flight, and then jumping the puddle really quick on a 3 hour flight to Vanuatu. Once we arrive (9:30 am local time on Sunday, Sept 12) we will immediately begin our training. No time for jet lag here! I'm not sure what the coffee situation will be, but I'm sure I'll still be running on excitement.

I will probably be without internet for at least the first three months, so snail mail will be key! I will try to update this thing as soon as possible. See you all on the other side of the equator!

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  1. MaryCatherine!

    I wasnt aware of this experience in your life! It will be an awesome experience I'm sure! Enjoy it and share when you can! Take care! -Roof